Your next client is online – meet them there. 
Etre Vous (EV) is an innovative new platform for the aesthetics industry, creating the perfect online experience for you and your clients – for free.
Developed by aesthetics leaders in the UK, EV makes aesthetic procedures and products mainstream and more accessible to consumers—then converts them into your customers.
The medical aesthetics market is worth over $10 billion globally and is projected to reach over $17 billion within the next five years.  Despite the positive outlook for the industry, most practitioners only access around seven per cent of the custom they could attract due to a lack of online reach and know-how. This is where EV comes in.
Gain new clients 24/7
EV’s online booking function enables you to instantly accept appointments and hold virtual consultations via the its secure platform, whenever and wherever you are available. And the custom-built search function means that new clients can find you 24/7, whether searching by treatment, concern, address or expert.
Media publicity at your service
EV is dedicated to providing people with reliable and honest expert guidance about aesthetic procedures and products to help consumers make safe and informed choices. Wide-ranging features about aesthetic treatments and products are designed to engage and educate a large, targeted audience and convert them into informed customers, ready to book consultations and treatments with you.
EV experts have the opportunity to be included in articles, from interviews to professional comment, which can significantly raise your profile in the industry and help you to reach a huge new client-base.
Seamless integration 
Practitioners can use EV as a standalone platform alongside their existing clinic management software and will receive an integrated widget for their websites to bring bookings onto one seamless system that guarantees they are managed swiftly and effectively.
Free membership 
Practitioners can sign up now and create a high-profile shop window for their business for free. EV will be completely free until February 2020, after which the only fees paid will be a £5 flat fee per booking received on the platform plus handling charge. The rest of the benefits will remain free of charge, including:
  • an individual / clinic profile
  • virtual consultation function
  • business management system
  • inclusion in EV features
  • SEO and traditional marketing
  • EV App
  • EV booking widget

  EV step by step 
  • Sign up for a free EV account and instantly receive a one-stop-shop for your aesthetics business.
  • Receive an easy-to-populate template to help you create the perfect, consumer-friendly profile for you or a practice. 
  • A cleverly-designed treatments page will make it easy for you to
  • Advertise
  • update and change your offering
  • and consumers will be able to book directly with just a few clicks. 
  EV is free until February 2020 and then a flat fee of £5 per booking + handling fee for each consultation booked
  • Use the EV widget on your website and fees are just 50 pence for any treatment booked.